Low Impact Strength Training Workout

The Essential Fitness, LLC Low Impact Strength Training Workout is a group exercise class that targets the entire body. The class lasts 35 minutes and is geared towards people of any fitness level.

Research shows that we all lose muscle mass as we age. The good news is that resistance training can help to counter the effects of muscle loss and help with orthopedic issues. This class is a great way to burn calories, build/maintain lean muscle mass and rev up your metabolism.

Dumbbells, Bodybars, Kettlebells and Bands (to name a few modes) will be used in these workouts. Workouts will be changed every three weeks to limit muscle adaptation and increase fitness levels. Ab/Core exercises will also be included in each class and there will be no jumping.

Please join Certified Personal Trainer Kim Gass for a fun filled and beneficial workout. Classes will be held at the Essential Fitness, LLC Studio in Grayslake.

Class sizes are kept small to ensure individual success.