Fitness Assessments such as Bodymetrix Ultrasound Analysis and Microfit Fitness & Health Assessment may also be used to establish a baseline for continued success.

Establishing a baseline is extremely important in any fitness program. Essential Fitness,LLC uses two modes to accomplish this goal. Bodymetrix Ultrasound Analysis determines Body composition (including BF %) and Microfit is used to determine a clients current Fitness level. They can be used together or used separately to start a client on the right path to overall success. Nutritional guidance can also be advised with the assessment information. Please contact Essential Fitness,LLC for pricing questions regarding these two assessments.

BodyMetrix Ultrasound System Analysis

The BodyMetrix System uses ultrasound technology to accurately measure fat thickness and calculate Body Fat Percentage and weight distribution. Lean muscle mass and calorie information is also determined with this technology. A hand-held device is used at various sites of the body when using the BodyMetrix System. The BodyMetrix System is the same professional-grade ultrasound technology used by professional sports teams, universities and fitness trainers as well.

Microfit Fitness & Health Assessment

The Microfit Fitness assessment software and fitness testing equipment are used to measure a clientʼs current fitness level and track their progress. Essential Fitness, LLC administers tests for muscle strength, muscle endurance and flexibility as well. Some of the other health tests covered are: blood pressure, body composition,  and current cardiovascular status. The Microfit system is used for people of ages 5-90+.

Nutritional Consultation

In order to live a healthy lifestyle we at Essential Fitness, LLC recommend an initial, one-on-one dietary consultation in which we can supply you with guidelines, goals, and nutritional information to make reaching your fitness lifestyle goals attainable.