Indoor Cycling

EFIT Indoor Cycling 2015

The Indoor Cycling workout (done in the Efit Studio) will be 45-50 minutes in length using your own bike on a Fluid Based Trainer. We can accommodate just about any type of bike that you have for this workout. Road, cross or hybrid bikes are okay to use on the trainer. We will recommend that you change your rear tire if needed. A smooth tire would be best for the trainer.

Overall– The indoor cycling workout is a quick paced cardio workout.
A great cross training tool that will increase your fitness levels and work different muscles.
Each class will have a warm-up, steady state and interval paced theme. Each instructor ( Brian, Kim, Kim and Pam) will bring their own little twist to the workout.
We have had a great response from these classes the past two years. Music will be played and each instructor will motivate you to have a great workout.

Time Frame : Jan – Mid March
Max Amount of People : 9
Minimum : 4