Burn & Buff

Burn & Buff Pic -Group pic (April 2015)Burn the fat and build lean muscle with this quick paced cardio/strength workout.
The Burn & Buff will be held at the Efit Studio and outside. The workout will consist of 10 minutes of strength training followed by 10 minutes of fast paced walking or running outside. Three minutes of rest will follow each sequence.

The workout will last 45-50 minutes .

We will Walk or Run using the Strava Strength/Run Workout Segment. This Segment (distance) is .4 miles in length and goes from Efit (Seymour Avenue) to Memorial Park (down the street) and then back to the studio.
The strength training component will be a One-Dumbbell Workout. We will do various whole body and core exercises.

The goal is to have each person finish two sequences of the Burn & Buff (40 minutes of total exercise – not including rest).
All ages and all abilities are welcome to do this workout. Modifications can be made if necessary. Two instructors will be training everyone. One for the cardio component and one for the strength component.

Time Frame: April – November
Max Amount of People: 14
Minimum: 4