Trail Jog/Bodyweight Workout

Trail Jog Bodyweight Workouts

The Trail Jog/Bodyweight Workout is a nice mix of cardio based activity and bodyweight exercises.

The intensity of this workout is somewhat lower than the Burn & Buff, Kettlebell & Go and Fitness Boxing but the duration is longer. That is not to say that this workout is easy. This workout was one of the favorites for many Efitters over the last couple of years.

We will jog to various parks around the Grayslake area and the do some bodyweight exercises. The Bodyweight exercises will include some of the following things:
Modified Burpees, push-ups, step-ups, crunches, planks and plank crawls and pull-ups to name a few things. We will also do some hill repeats in some of the road ditches and parks.

The workout stresses our different energy systems and builds a nice aerobic base.
A very doable workout for many. The Trail/Jog Bodyweight Workout will last 60 minutes.

Time Frame Offered: April to December 2015
Max Amount of Participants: 12-15
Minimum: 4