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[one_half_first]Beth Before & Now[/one_half_first]


I now have lost over 51 pounds and I am so excited!! The encouragement and support that I get from you keeps me going. I have made a life change and I plan to continue on a healthy lifestyle path. Thank You!

[one_half_first]Dawn & Roy Before & Now[/one_half_first]

Dawn & Roy

We have both been weight-challenged for many years. We made a concerted effort to change our lifestyles and joined a popular weight loss program and we have lost a total of 100 pounds as since working with Essential Fitness, LLC. We were referred to Brian by a work colleague, and started working with him over the last couple of years. We were surprised at how weak we were at baseline fitness assessments that Brian performed for us. Happily, we have seen improvement in many  areas.


[one_half_first]Nicole & Norma - Before & Now[/one_half_first]

Nicole & Norma

I have lost over 20 lbs. and reduced my bodyfat by 4% as well since working with Essential Fitness, LLC. I have more energy, lower blood pressure, reduced stress and I sleep better. I have not felt this great since my twenties.


I have a hypothyroid and was told by a Doctor that it would next to impossible for me to lose weight as a result of my condition. Guess what? I have lost over 41 lbs. and lost 8% bodyfat training with Essential Fitness, LLC. My workouts are great stress relief and I enjoy how I feel afterwords.



[one_half_first]David & Liz - Before & Now[/one_half_first]

David & Liz

My wife and I started with Brian (and Essential Fitness, LLC) after being referred by a local Doctor. We started slowly but we both have improved dramatically in many fitness areas. Liz had a hip replacement and Brian worked with her to gain strength and confidence in her hip. She now feels great and has lost over 30 pounds and I have lost over 50 pounds with his workouts and watchful eye. Our goal is to keep exercising and improving even more.


[one_half_first]David - Before & Now[/one_half_first]


I have been working with Brian for some time now and feel better each day. I have some chronic pain issues with various joints in my body but Brianʼs creative approach and exercise plans keeps me going.