Interval Bike Rides

Interval Bike Rides

Start your Strava !! The Interval Bike Rides take place in Prairie Crossings and consist of doing interval based sprints with either your road or cross bike. Strava is a running/cycling app that many of us use that tracks our speed and past performance.

Three different interval segments (or loops) are already established at Prairie Crossings. You will know the segments (loops) before we start the workout and you will not get lost.

The Interval Bike Rides are of a higher intensity in nature and will help to increase your overall VO2 (oxygen uptake) levels. This type of workout will also burn a lot of calories and can be done by anyone who wants a quick paced workout. We had a nice mix of people doing this workout last year.

This workout will last 45-60 minutes.

Time Frame Offered: May to September 2015
Maximum amount of participants: 7-12
Minimum: 4