Brick Workouts

The Brick Workouts are designed for anyone looking to do a Triathlon (newbie or veteran) or who wants to experience the feel of doing a back to back (swim/bike or bike/run) cardio based activity.

Pam has Brick options (swimming, cycling and running) and marked out loops already established for everyone. The Efit Brick Workouts have been established to acclimate every person to all of the physical aspects of a Triathlon. This workout can be done by anyone interested in doing back to back cardio and increase their overall cardio fitness levels.
You do not have to do a Triathlon to participate in this workout. You will know the loops before we start the workout and you will not get lost.

The goal is to make you feel comfortable doing all phases of a Triathlon. The Brick Workouts will last 60 minutes plus.

Time Frame Offered: May to September
Maximum amount of Participants: 8-10
Minimum: 3 – 4