More Active Lifestyle Clients

[one_half_first]Brandon-Active Lifestyle[/one_half_first]


I wanted to increase my strength/core and endurance (I am Downhill Mountain Bike Racer) so I contacted Brian to get better in those areas. I did just that (got stronger) with his fun and diffferent routines. The goal is to do more training and continue to get better.



[one_half_first]Chris - Active Lifestyle[/one_half_first]


After falling out a regular exercise routine, my sessions with Brian have given me the confidence that comes with feeling healthy and strong. Brian quickly establishes a comfort level for performance at any level. I appreciate his attention and focus on my individual needs.He has helped me to gain strength, toning and helped me with my balance. Brianʼs optimism and positive outlook on life are contagious!


[one_half_first]Valerie - Active Lifestyle[/one_half_first]



I have lost over 23 lbs. since working with Essential Fitness, LLC. I was diagnosed with Parkinsonʼs Disease over a year ago and there are always new changes (especially exercise) to deal with on a daily basis. The support of Brian and his staff has made the whole process so much easier. I feel stronger and my balance is also better. I enjoy the variety of workouts and want to say Thank You (Essential Fitness, LLC) for all of your help!


[one_half_first]Joellen - Active Lifestyle[/one_half_first]


When I reached my 40ʼs, I started gaining weight… a little each year. And it seemed impossible to take off. I was moving in the wrong direction. A friend recommended Essential Fitness to me. I started working with Brian and lost 10 lbs. within the first few months. I have continued to strengthen core muscles and increase my overall fitness level. Brian pushes me hard, knows what my situation needs are and is of great encouragement.


[one_half_first]Lauren Active Lifestyle[/one_half_first]


I started Group Session Workouts with Essential Fitness, LLC and thoroughly enjoy the variety and challenging workouts that they offer. You feel great afterwords !